Homeschool curriculum

how to have a CLEAN HOME…without it consuming your life

Bowker final cover smallA fun and engaging unit study for kids, ages 8-18…and beyond!

You’ll study and practice the hows and whys of housecleaning and housekeeping (and the difference between the two).

This independent study contains 16 practical lessons filled with the basic principles of cleaning, priceless tips, hands-on action steps and heart-changing Biblical truths.

“Put a little vinegar in your mouth and you’ll see what this verse means. (I dare you!)”  Mrs. P takes you, sometimes humorously, beyond cleaning and chore checklists and gets to the heart of…you. It is a cleaning study, but also a character study. Your heart is much more valuable than a clean home!

But what if I can’t keep it clean?! how to have a CLEAN HOME…without it consuming your life guides you through the process of making a systematic plan with charts and checklists to keep you on track.

And the grand finale is the list of all cleaning lists, a detailed description of how to clean each room, step by step.  You’ll shock your mama when she sees how neatly you made your bed.  You can tell her you learned it from Appendix F!

The result? A clean home…without it consuming your life!

Available September 16, 2013  – where ever books are sold!